Allergies and Your Eyes

The Problem With Allergies

Allergies can be triggered by many substances.
Seasonal allergies (also called hayfever) are often caused by the grass,
tree, and weed pollens that are abundant in spring and late summer.
Other types of allergies can affect your eyes year-round. Allergy symptoms include
sneezing, congestion, and red, watery, itchy eyes.

Why Allergies Occur

Your body’s immune system protects you against illness by staying alert for harmful agents entering the body. If this occurs, the immune system protects you by neutralizing, removing, or destroying the harmful agent.

Allergies occur when the immune system misidentifies a normally harmless substance, such as pollen or mold, as a harmful agent. The body responds by producing more of certain chemicals to neutralize the substance. These chemicals, called histamines, are what caused the itchy, redness, swelling, and irritation you experience.

Many substances can trigger an allergic reaction. Most allergens that cause eye symptoms are airborne. Plant pollen, mold, dust, and animal dander (skin particles) are the allergens that most often affect the eyes.

Allergies can lead to a condition called allergic conjunctivitis. This is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the inside of the eyelid and the white part of the eye). It may occur at about the same time each year, when the allergen is most abundant

Relief for Irritated Eyes

Short of completely avoiding the allergens that cause your symptoms, it’s impossible to escape your allergies. However, you can take steps to relieve your symptoms:

1. Try over-the-counter products such as antihistamine eyedrops to reduce redness, itchiness, and other symptoms. Artificial tears can also help by flushing allergens out of the eyes these products are available at drugstores.

2. When possible, limit your exposure to allergens. Stay inside when pollen or mold counts are especially high.

3. For cleaner indoor air, use air-conditioner filters that are designed to reduce allergens in the air.

4. Ask your health-care provider about other options. For example allergy shots may reduce symptoms and the need for other medication. Prescription medications may also be available.

This article is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Only your health-care professional can diagnose and treat a medical problem.

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This article is just to give you a bit of an overview in regards to allergies, if you think you may have allergies than please consult your physician.

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Review of the Diet Solution Program – Get an Honest Review of the Diet Solution Program

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Cure Diabetes: Calling For Double Trouble!


Open your eyes to the catastrophic effects of Diabetes. The mere thought of Diabetes brings so many questions and fears into our mind .Few people realize that thorough understanding and knowledge about diabetes can help tremendously in effective long term management. Diabetes is actually deficiency of Insulin(A Hormone secreted by small gland called Pancreas) which converts sugar into energy) or the low ability of the body to use insulin. Thus glucose levels in blood tend to remain persistently raised. Diabetes is responsible for development of various complications later in life. Diabetes welcomes Heart Diseases too like heart attacks and strokes (Double Trouble). Alone in US, more than 16 million people are suffering from Diabetes. People who are suffering from Diabetes are at more risk to Heart problems and Kidney Failures. Diabetes and its side effect occur among people of all ages.

What actually happens?

With the lack of Insulin in the body, glucose and fats are not converted into energy and they remain as it is the Bloodstream and with time contribute to Health diseases.

You can be Diabetes victim due to following reasons

a) Obesity definitely leads to Diabetes .

b) Individuals with impaired glucose tolerance or have high fat content in their blood

c) It can get transferred to you through your parents or ancestors.

d) Women who deliver babies weighing more than 9 pounds are susceptible to Diabetes.

e) Certain ethnic groups are more prone to Diabetes. Eg Mexican, Puerto Rican Americans and Cuban Americans can easily develop Diabetes.

Signs of Diabetes!!

a) Weakness and Fatigue

b) Frequent Thirst and urination

c) Quick loss of weight

d) Feeling hungry

e) Blurring of vision

g) frequent infections

h) numbness in limbs

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Clinical Depression in Children

Clinical depression is severe sadness or melancholy – so severe, in fact, that it becomes destructive to your social activities and everyday life. It is often believed that only older people fall victims to this condition, but that is untrue. Children and adolescents are susceptible to this clinical condition as well.

Symptoms of clinical depression in children

This condition can start as early as childhood. Studies have shown a staggering increase in cases of children being diagnosed with this condition. The symptoms of children and adults are just the same, except for some that are distinctly evident in children only: frequent sadness; tearfulness; crying; hopelessness; boredom; lack of enthusiasm, energy or motivation; unwillingness to engage in activities; isolation; confusion and difficulty in making decisions.

A child may also become irritable, hostile, difficult in relationships, and perform poorly in school. The child may also exhibit major changes in everyday patterns, like eating and sleeping; lower self-esteem; increased rebelliousness; higher tendency to run away from home; and, in severe cases, even become suicidal.

Clinical depression in children is triggered by the same environmental factors that trigger depression in adults – lack of friends, experience of abuse, physical illness, pressure to achieve, problems at home, and unresolved grief. Clinical depression in children is also hereditary, which means if you or your spouse or anyone within your family has suffered from this condition, your child is highly prone to the condition as well.


There are a lot of available treatments for children’s clinical depression. The earlier your child seeks help, the higher his or her chances of recovering. In fact, if treatments are administered while a person is still young, it is possible to cure the condition or at least keep it in check. Some of the treatments include medications to increase the supply of neurotransmitters to restore the chemical balance; psychotherapy; and counseling. But nothing replaces love and support from family and friends – that is the best “continuing treatment” people around the child can offer.