Promise Me Fragrance to Cure Breast Cancer

A new development in the field of breast cancer awareness and support has uncovered an amazing new tactic to put a stop to the disease forever – perfume.


Yes, you heard correctly. The Promise Me fragrance has dedicated itself to finding a cure for breast cancer; as a matter of fact, Promise Me is the only perfume in existence to do so. So what exactly is Promise Me?

Promise Me is a perfume created by Jean Claude Delville, a famous and very popular perfumer. He created the cancer perfume to support research into the eventual destruction of the disease all together. His main goal, however, was to support cancer patients who are being treated – he hoped to give them a second chance at life.

And that is where the public comes in. Promise Me is available to the public, and it makes a great gift idea. Everyone knows that perfume is a wonderful present for family, friends, neighbors, or whoever!

The best part of it is, whenever any Promise Me product is sold, a considerable portion of the sale price becomes a donation that goes directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an innovative and advanced breast cancer research and treatment center.

As stated above, the Promise Me fragrance to cure cancer is aimed at funding research and aiding in the treatment of patients. But, there’s even more that those funds will be used for, including –

  • Educating men and women about cancer and how to fight it
  • Providing speedier diagnosis so that cancer can be caught in earlier stage – remember, early detection is crucial to saving lives!

As a little-known fact, men can and do get breast cancer, and it is far more frequent than most people think it is. This cancer perfume is not only going to help women – treatment and help will be provided to anyone who needs it, man and woman alike.

Promise Me is a wonderful way for the average person to support breast cancer research and fight for a cure while getting something for themselves or a loved one in return. Not only will each buyer get their breast cancer perfume, other things are included like a scented bracelet and a book detailing the moving struggle of Susan Komen and her sister, whose lives were touched by this cancer. This story includes the details of how Susan pioneered the movement to stop cancer forever.