Lung Cancer Alternative Treatments – Are There Any Alternative Treatments For Lung Cancer That Work?

Cancer patients as you know, have to endure treatments that are honestly extremely barbaric. They have to go through pain for a very long time, with the hope of maybe some day, they could live a normal life. Not only is this extremely painful and dangerous, but very expensive as well. So the question, is this the best way to treat cancer? Are lung cancer alternative treatments any better?

If you take into account the hundreds of billions of dollars that has been spent on the “war against cancer,” then you would expect some positive results, but that is not the case. More and more people get cancer and this makes you think, if the “treatments for cancer” is in the best interest of the people, who suffer from it. Unfortunately money is a very important part, when it comes to treating cancer, and all the huge amount of money goes into the pockets of some very powerful people, who are very happy with the results of the “fight against cancer.”

Chemotherapy is very often used to treat lung cancer and chemotherapy itself is nothing more than the poisoning of the body with very toxic drugs. These toxic drugs poison the cancer cells, but they also poison normal healthy cells as well, because these drugs can`t tell the difference between normal cells and cancerous cells. Since there are 75 trillion cells in your body, then these toxic drugs can do a lot of damage. Even if the cancerous cells have been eliminated, then the damage to the body has been great.

But there are lung cancer alternative treatments, that can greatly increase the effectiveness of these drugs and decrease the potential side-effects. One such treatment is Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). This treatment works by giving a small dose of insulin to the patient, which induces a state of low blood sugar. when the person starts to feel weakness and lightheadedness, then a small doses of chemotherapy drugs are given to the patient.

When the insulin is given, then the cancer cells think they are going to get food, but instead they get a dose of toxic drugs. Insulin increases the effectiveness of the drugs, so smaller doses of these drugs need to be given to the patient and less damage to to the healthy cells occurs. This is just one example of lung cancer alternative treatments, there are so many more. The more you learn about them the better your chances are, so don’t waste your time.