5 Important Tips on How to Save Money on Health Care Costs

The way the market is right now you have to take advantage of creative ways to take out healthcare expenditures instead of waiting for healthcare costs to be cut by the government. According to the National Coalition On Health Care, employee donations have increased more than 120% since 2000, while out of pocket expenses rose 115%. Here are some crucial information how to save money on healthcare costs:

– Use a Flexible Spending Account. It’s an employee benefits plan that allows employees to set aside a portion of their pretax earnings to pay for qualified expenses such as a doctor co-pays and prescriptions. This account provides a substantial tax advantage since contributions are made prior to your paycheck is taxed. One valuable disadvantage of having a Flexible Spending Account is if you don’t take advantage of all the money in your account within the year, you lost it.

– You should do your homework throughout open enrollment. Conducting the proper research before selecting reimbursement not only saves money, but ensures your family’s needs are met. Ask providers if they offer preventive care with no co-pays, reduce deductions or various credits. Investigate or compare the premium, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, and lifetime or once a year caps.

– Take advantage of a Health Saving Account. It’s like a private saving account with investment options for healthcare, except for it’s all tax free. Participation through payroll deductions allows employee contributions to be pretaxed. It also allows consumers to save for upcoming medical and retiree health expenses. It rolls over each year.

– Ask about the tax breaks because you can write off, as an itemized deduction, all health costs after they arrive at 7.5% of their adjusted gross income. For little businesses, all health insurance premiums are deductible. If your business is a S corporation, your medical premiums are 100% deductible but they will be added to your W-2 as wages. Itemized deductions can include medical and dental care, prescriptions, and weight loss programs.

– Carefully read your bill. Check to ensure that the services attributed to you were really received by you. Go over the bill to check for errors and duplications. Save all receipts from the doctor’s office, canceled checks, receipts, and billing statements. Once the insurance source has paid and you have established your final bill, call the insurance company to go over the statement if you have concerns.

By healthcare being so expensive it’s best to join with the millions of citizens who are taking advantage of creative ways to cut healthcare costs. So stay healthy and wealthy by using these cost cutting moves to provide relief for your healthcare expenses.

Child Abuse in Ohio

Since it is a politically charged issue in our country, allegations of child abuse have the potential to turn your life upside down in many ways. Not only will you have to deal with the criminal aspect, but there may also be a debilitating effect on your social and professional life.

Child abuse is a very difficult charge to defend against, considering there are subjective elements which are not uncommon in Ohio domestic violence issues. With all that you have to lose, it is vital that you understand the laws in place and can develop a proper defense strategy with an attorney to fight these charges.

In the state of Ohio, there is a specific definition of what constitutes an “abused child.” Ohio Revised Code §2151.031 states that an “abused child” is any child who:

• Is the victim of sexual activity;
• Is endangered through a parent, guardian, or custodian creating substantial risk to the health or safety of the child;
• Exhibits evidence of any physical or mental injury or death, inflicted other than by accidental means; or
• Suffers physical or mental injury that harms or threatens to harm the child’s health or welfare.

Expanding more on the endangerment of a child, Ohio Revised Code §2919.22 states that no person shall do any of the following to child under eighteen years of age or a mentally or physically handicapped child under the age of twenty-one:

• Abuse the child;
• Torture or cruelly abuse the child;
• Administer corporal punishment, or other physical disciplinary measure, or physically restrain the child in a cruel manner or for a prolonged period, which punishment, discipline, or restraint is excessive under the circumstances and creates substantial risk for the child;
• Entice, coerce, use or allow a child to participate in material that is obscene or sexually oriented;
• Operating a motor vehicle under the influence with a minor in the car.

If convicted of child abuse, the sentencing could vary depending of the specifics of your particular case. Child abuse convictions will almost always be considered felonies. In the state of Ohio, a felony ranges from the least serious, a felony in the fifth degree (up to six months in prison and / or a fine of up to $2500), to the most serious, a felony of the first degree (up to 10 years in prison and / or a fine of up to $20,000).

Ohio law does explicitly state that there are situations in which the religion of the household could keep charges from being handed down. In Ohio Revised Code §2919.22, it states that it is not a violation of a duty of care, protection, or support when the parent, guardian, custodian, or person having custody or control of a child treats the physical or mental illness or defect of the child by spiritual means through prayer alone, in accordance with the tenets of a recognized religious body. This particular statement has been used as a defense in many child abuse cases.

With all the possible scenarios with which a child abuse allegation can stem, discussing your case with a qualified criminal defense lawyer may provide some insight on how to go about fighting these charges and get back on with your life.

Promise Me Fragrance to Cure Breast Cancer

A new development in the field of breast cancer awareness and support has uncovered an amazing new tactic to put a stop to the disease forever – perfume.


Yes, you heard correctly. The Promise Me fragrance has dedicated itself to finding a cure for breast cancer; as a matter of fact, Promise Me is the only perfume in existence to do so. So what exactly is Promise Me?

Promise Me is a perfume created by Jean Claude Delville, a famous and very popular perfumer. He created the cancer perfume to support research into the eventual destruction of the disease all together. His main goal, however, was to support cancer patients who are being treated – he hoped to give them a second chance at life.

And that is where the public comes in. Promise Me is available to the public, and it makes a great gift idea. Everyone knows that perfume is a wonderful present for family, friends, neighbors, or whoever!

The best part of it is, whenever any Promise Me product is sold, a considerable portion of the sale price becomes a donation that goes directly to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, an innovative and advanced breast cancer research and treatment center.

As stated above, the Promise Me fragrance to cure cancer is aimed at funding research and aiding in the treatment of patients. But, there’s even more that those funds will be used for, including –

  • Educating men and women about cancer and how to fight it
  • Providing speedier diagnosis so that cancer can be caught in earlier stage – remember, early detection is crucial to saving lives!

As a little-known fact, men can and do get breast cancer, and it is far more frequent than most people think it is. This cancer perfume is not only going to help women – treatment and help will be provided to anyone who needs it, man and woman alike.

Promise Me is a wonderful way for the average person to support breast cancer research and fight for a cure while getting something for themselves or a loved one in return. Not only will each buyer get their breast cancer perfume, other things are included like a scented bracelet and a book detailing the moving struggle of Susan Komen and her sister, whose lives were touched by this cancer. This story includes the details of how Susan pioneered the movement to stop cancer forever.

Work At Home Selling Beauty Products

Marketing Health Care Products From Home

By starting your own home-based business selling natural health care products from the comfort and convenience of your own home, you can not only eliminate the stress and hassle of commuting, punching time clocks and dealing with employers’ power trips, you’ll finally start making the kind of income you deserve while providing a valuable product to those who need them. If you have nothing more than a phone and a pad of paper, you can get started selling beauty products right away. With the increased awareness of harmful chemical substances in so many everyday products, the market for selling natural health care products has never been better!


1) Sleeping every morning until you’re finished sleeping (instead of awakening to a jangling, jarring alarm clock)

2) Setting your own hours, allowing you to give your children the care they deserve instead of entrusting them to strangers

3) Having complete control over the amount of money you make

A home based business selling beauty products can help to make this happen.

The fact is, best-selling natural health care products will always be in demand, regardless of the economy. Partially because health care in the U.S. is priced out of reach for so many, people are increasingly taking personal responsibility for their own health – and as competition in the job market intensifies, people will be looking for every edge in those job interviews, meaning that the demand for the top-selling beauty products will only go up. When you work at home selling beauty products, you’re actually helping these people to get the advantage they need!

You’ve Been There

You may be one of those who has been burned by “work-at-home” pyramid schemes before. In fact, such “pyramid schemes,” while not illegal, are certainly unethical and should be avoided at all costs.

The good news is that there are many alternative business models when it comes to selling cosmetics or anything else. Direct sales and affiliate programs are far better for those who work at home selling cosmetics.

If you already have a website that gets a fair amount of traffic, an affiliate program is an excellent way to start a home based business selling beauty products. You simply place a banner ad on your site advertising the product, and receive a certain amount for each “click-through” that results in a sale. This way, you can actually make money in your sleep.

The other model, direct sales, is more practical for most people – and if you have a prominent reputation in your community, you’re already ahead of the game, because with this business model, you’re selling cosmetics via word-of-mouth. This means you spend little or nothing on advertising.

Either way, if you plan to start selling natural health care products, it is important that you believe in the products you’re selling. Beauty products are personal, and it is highly recommended that you try every one that you plan to market to others. That way, selling natural health care products will be a breeze!